Category: Pravlis

Pravlis Shipping with a dynamic presence in Lemnos and always aiming to provide high quality services, has run a course of over 30 years in the field of shipping acting as agents of passenger and commercial ships, yachts and cruise ships. We have served as central port agents in the largest shipping companies in Greece and have served hundreds of passing ships.

Our physical presence in Lemnos and our cooperation with the local port authorities enable us to coordinate and support all types of shipping operations. Our experienced staff has excellent know-how and ensures the best possible service of all ships on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year.

With our professionalism, experience and respect for the needs of each customer, we have managed to gain the appreciation and trust of our customers and partners.

The main services we provide:

  • Acting as agents for passenger vessels
  • Acting as agents for pleasure boats / cruise ships
  • Acting as agents for transit calls
  • Acting as agents for loading / unloading vessels
  • Organization, attendance, supervision and execution of the required procedures
  • Free pratique - sailing permits
  • Crew changes
  • Maritime Visas
  • Transportation (air, land, sea)
  • Sea transportation of crews and materials with privately owned launch/service boat
  • Crew accommodation
  • Supply / Catering / Provisioning
  • Medical Care-Hospital Care